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The woman in the car next to me.

She isn't blind

Lady posts a hotel review...

I'm allergic to my pet fish.

Get the olive oil


"Benjamin Franklin...the American President"

To be atheist you have to be fully mentally challenged

Drop the cup, Muslim!

I just want to know who the person filming this was - 12,000 miles awa

Oh the cringe..


She has had at least 5 different jobs since she graduated high school.

Facepalm: Defined

Guy owns "non-official" audiobook. Author gives his opinion. 3rd party

Her nine year old's chance of being next year's top NFL draft pick is

A cult about a guy in a cult.

Hey ladies, this is what your man deserves.

Fap fap time?

I bet he gets all the ladies

Fear of a revolution

I work in a real classy neighborhood.

I wonder if she figured it out..

My dad left this on my desk.

I could have waited a day or two...

Pure ignorance. The spelling error just makes it.



There are some dense people in this world..

God, I hope so...

Bing, don't hate

I didn't think the picture was THAT convincing

When you lost a child...

Did you want to feel depressed today?

That face when you get arrested for possession of Marijuana while wear

Behind every suburban "thug" is a parent who's tired of his shit

Confidence is key

Stonehenge?! Fail


I clicked the "I don't want to see any Sponsored Polls" button. This p


...So you post the pic on Facebook?

He's completely serious and posts things like this all the time


resurrected by two narcon shots

I'm ashamed my family members are sharing this.

She post this kind of shit on Facebook almost everyday

The American Challenge

They did not think this one through...

They did not think this one through...

;u; YUSH!

Good luck, lady...

Now that's just depressingly desperate.

Facebook was weird today

Found someone else who is off by a couple decades...

How thoughtful of them.

It sure is.

I finally found a /r/facepalm worthy post

what is reproduction?

From a tattoo hate group on Facebook.

If you disregard the terrible spelling, you'll see that she believes t

the things people post on Buy and sell groups

I think you may be off a decade...

Twitter account titled "Learn Something" can't identify the animal in

Dug Frod fer Mayer

Big facepalm

Thinking is my fifth sense!

She's so hot, the door melts


A question that answers itself.

I didn't realize reading a calendar is such hard work!

Cost me a lil shiner


This is an actual album cover...

No words.

Shot glass hickey

personal trainers hate her! the secret to better workouts, click here



Do people not read?

Better yet, there were only 13 minutes apart.

This came up at the end of a movie about one of King Henry the Eighths

Took me a little while to figure out what that little bunny needs.


I feel like this was intentional


This looks completely legit.

Two of the worst parts of Facebook combined into one: My friend the "p

pregnant? smoke weed!

Yes, very mature

But...that's what anchors do.

"why is u having surgey"

This can only end well...

The organization I work for is moving. This is them trying to get us t

This person gave a book (completely fictional story, by the way) a one

It's not irony. What is that word?

Facebook post titled "turnt up"

Galaxy for sale with some extras!

Apparently Asians use asexual reproduction

Then why share the post?

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