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The admin messed up all of Facebook!

There are no words to describe the stupidity

Yesterdays Creative hopeful solution

COX Cable: If you can't connect to internet, visit our website!

"I was asking 7th graders since they have more experience"

We Are Anonymous, We Are ...you want my name and age? Sure. J-e-r-e...

5 reasons....

The earth sub stains us.

Instead of history, maybe grammar?

Good for you honey. At least you're trying.

Perfect Comeback

It's astounding how many times I have seen this on my newsfeed.

Faith in horses restored.

This would not fill me with hope.

It's a two-in-one facepalm

Miley and me! You could say we're pretty much best friends.

This tattoo always annoys me.

Came upon this gem on Twitter..

Drink your water, honey, there are thirsty kids in China!

I mean... she's not wrong

No punchline in the title, ok got it!

Dinosaurs are roaming earth. oh wait... apart from turkey

Found this beauty on my instagram feed

So apparently I am part of the "dumbed masses"

...tell me more.

Found in Soundcloud Comments


After 16 long years, why do I exist? Teen Angst..

I have no idea where to start with this


That can't be safe.

She's a first grade teacher....

Text with a coworker

America's Education system at its finest. I call on my fellow Redditor

Never thought anyone in my family was this dense.

People seriously believe this

Don't take drugs from strangers.

It's shoe ... magic!

somebody posted a link to this article on r/technology. I immediately

privileged, ignorant redditor doesn't realize clean water shortage is

After 16 years, why do I exist? Teen Angst [fixed to remove potential

Well, I could use a drink after reading this.

We all need to know

It's only the calm, white honkeys that worship Satan. Who knew?

I don't think she knows what 'girlfriend' means.

Really? 24/7? You must really love chess.

Facebook Christians are winning the crusade against Atheism

I forgot we fought South Korea

Isn't me...

The truth about tampons

Where Is My Girl???

The Noah movie is a complete sham...

Product of French Honors Society

Yall be rasist as fuck..

They even stalled for the 82nd pick

Ryan J. Reilly on Twitter: I believe these are rubber bullets, can any

I guessing he's not the only one to make this mistake today.

Which is the strongest element?

Make FB status about the VMA's. Like your own status. Screenshot your

How to drive a grammar-nazi crazy. I was about ready to throw my phone

The "I bought all the pies to spite a kid" story from Reddit has now t

Jaden Smith

I nominate you to take part in the american sign language ice bucket c

Makes complete sense.

We don't need the $1 bill, they kill trees!

Asshole of the day. His comments just kept getting worse

Why are these people famous?!

It only took 17 years to work out how to read 3 letters backwards.

1000 soldiers die to stop us becoming Russian slaves.....



baby lemons, eh?

Sheesh.... and I thought I was bad at math.

You're Welcome :D

Scumbag Apple

I count four

Large Grasshopper

Snooki posted this on Facebook yesterday


He didn't die...

That's not exactly "right". Like, at all right.

Successfully managed to cock block myself

Good luck I guess?


How do things like this even happen?

I don't see what is hilarious about this....

Found one of my old high school t-shirts while cleaning out my storage

Nah not really...

Youtube commenter tries to defend pedophiles and brings up religion fo

So why didn't she try and stop anything?

So "curvy" girls are full of cream and all you guys want it! This girl

So a kid in my school added a confederate flag to his pickup truck and

Whoa there buddy

The voice of wisdom.

This is about what I expect to see heading to Walmart in Kentucky.

I don't know why, but this really gets me sometimes

It's ok if you catch him cheating

If you were invisible...

Celebrity Death is too mainstream, apparently.

Shared on my facebook timeline

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