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Seems someone should have stayed in school

What the fuck does that even mean

This is getting just ridiculous now...

Except the consumer...

local librarians advocate squirting


Colon... Cologne... What's the difference?

Mad about my job, think I'll mention them in a post so it appears on t

I thought the photo was okay until I read the hashtags.

dat Eurodollar

All about that Farm Life

There are how many Facebook users in the US?

Wow what a deal!

Found this space cadet on my news feed.

If internet trolls can Photoshop their faces into terrorist background

Trust me, I'm a Doctor

"No wonder there all failing."

Professional cricketer on £700k basic salary shares his wisdom on weal

Nice transition...

Im sorry, what?

I'm not sure if he understands how weather works.

Brain Cells are like buffalo

I'm pretty sure there are plenty of Brazilians who have African ancest

"I think you are very attractive." What an introduction!

Japan presents: ISIS-chan

Well that escalated quickly...

This weather is straight up bad at its job.

Several thousand people believe this to be true l

Absolutely flawless logic.

Woah. That's like... deep.

but I thought Seat was a Spanish company

The masterclass of offensive Facebook posts

Black Friend

Parents And Their Inventive Ways Of Punishing The Youth!

This infuriates me more than it should

I Choose Dumb People As Friends To Feel Smarter

Yeah, Of Your Course >he< Is Disgusting

This woman is really ready for the Snowpocalypse 2015


Marshalls was out of disposable socks, the ones used for trying on sho

Exotic birds.

If only life was that simple

Sick SNES bro

I wasn't aware that this was still an argument

Kim's so Talented

Beyoncé has some powerful words inspiring women everywhere...

The parents think this makes their kid look "cool". There is an entire

The parents think this makes their kid look "cool". There is an entire

She was talking about her new dog

Ladies and Gentlemen, my cousin: If you're not a Reagan Republican, yo

Ah, irony

This 6-pack of pudding cups has 50% more cups than a 4-pack of pudding

Facebook suggests I join this group...

"Looking all sexy and shit..." [NSFW]

So someone needs to relearn how to upload videos..

The helmet just compliments his hairstyle

Best Ad placement award goes to... Found on my FB Feed

Last I checked, I believe they constituted the weekend...

This is when the sexy happens.

His mom posted this...

Here are some Screenshots

On Vaccinations (fixed personal info)

Santa is a good American

A discussion on a news article about bullying and racism

Ya know, taking selfies with your dead grandpa?

Master Criminal...

This guy has been trying to hack my website for the past month using t

At first I felt bad for her....

Lugarics is the worst disease.

Never opened?

This is why you need psychology AND math as a gen ed for most programs

If only Belichick and Brady took biology...

There is so much here I don't know what to look at first

My sister, in red, is an anti-vaxxer

Targeted Advertisement. Really?!

A tale of a woman and her fuel cap


Geography fail

Africa is so confusing.

"Hitler wasn't that bad of a guy"

They not citizens

Titles are hard

Things get confusing when people don't use a picture of themselves on

Local library's computer warning is very specific.

Which battalion were you with?

Jenn has 'jenn'-der issues

About a turd (imgur OP HeWhoSmellsFaintlyOfCola)

She objects!

The side bitch... (Fixed)

Facts are racist!

(Was told I should post this here) Out of curiosity I did a Twitter se

He'll be on my mind even when I'm sleeping.

It's been getting pretty strange in my news feed.

Self-entitled bit....

That's one hell of a hot chocolate stain.

Cottage cheese chin.

Uh... wrong one, buddy

Those feet...

It finally happened, facebook felt bad for dumb people...

Thanks for the compliment, but alas, I am a dog.

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