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Some expert maths from CNN reporting on the Scottish referendum

I don't even know where to start with this guy.

This is a constant thing I struggle with

Found on Sir Mix A Lot's Baby Got Back.

Regarding Scotland gaining independence from the UK...

How to hit on girls in a college library

Well, I don't necessarily disagree with her, but...

In light of the upcoming G20 Summit

Redditor explains how badass he is on a cringe video

Thank goodness for the creditor

Everyone faces difficult decisions in life...

Obama's grand strategy finally revealed!

Ray Charles

Someone put HIM in a wheelchair!....

What a sales pitch

Someone seems confused...

This Just Gets Crazier Every Year

The worst STD

From the genius who brought you the last four letters of democ"rats"

Nice Save!

#Fireballwhiskey=neveragain lol

Word's can't even describe. They could, but they'd probably be the wro

Is it really that hard to read the description? (resubmitted with bett

What'd ya fuck up?

Holy shit! OMG! Colorado is legalizing crystal meth! You guys, that's

People like these make my day!

The cairopractor


I downloaded more space for my phone, why won't it install?

A guy sends you a friend request.

Sooooo this happened.

It's really comfortable!!

That's... not... oh forget it

What year is it?!

Why does people think that they're anonymous when they reply to themse





A whole new low for Kanye...

This guy is always being a dumbass.

My buddy had a bad day at work

Because uploading a photo with your credit card info exposed is a grea

New FCC guidelines

Looks like someone got overexcited about the arrow key stickers.

Really? That's just horrible.

Stop taking her cats and get your own!

Didn't we just deal with this?

He doesn't start shit, he just finishes it

This shit makes me so angry.

Thanks for looking out, mom.

our president should have a USA flag like all the rest showing his sup

This girl knows what she's talking about.


And this is why I go to reddit for news and not yahoo. This hurts my h

By all means, bust the bubbles.

I can't be the only one, right?

The shop actually uses this piece as an example of their work. (x post

If only the device she was using Facebook on had the capability to do

Bad headline placement

Is it that hard to read the first line of the description?

The United States of Australia

Four Dollars

Scary words


The official website for the Hungarian head of state has braille writi

I can do the math...

Let him go!

"Childhood Fucked"

When you realize your driving range is both cheap & lazy.

No one cares about me

The customer is always right.

Not only did someone post this... It's their cover photo!

Seen in China on the Subway

Seems a little far-fetched

I've done my research

Always told my self no one on my Facebook is facepalm worthy, that is

Stop killing our future

Not only were they wrong, they also used the best spelling of 'proverb

Personalised number plates: $500. Immortalising your bad grammar: pric

Due to severe weather recently, 911 services were temporarily down in


Apparently West Virginia is (officially) another country now...I just

Decided to take a second look at a girls profile on Tinder and found t

A kid in my university religion class' blog post

Then why would you post it on Facebook?!

Nothing says love like a blood choke

Muzzle awareness yo

Nothing really matters, Tommy.

Shadow Math

Top bants

Freshly prepared tree branch?

"Shake it and shout U2 three times"

As a person who listens to death metal, seriously Spotify?

The type of discussions I see in light of new NFL developments

I was... furious.

My friend recently got "one of the best messages she's ever received"

No edge lines

positioning the United States of America as an enemy of Israel

I hope they're being "ironic".

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