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Turns out math IS useful after high school

Heavy metal

50 Shades of Whiskey

Thats not a parking spot. Several cars had to inch by very closely whi

how do u work for bump?

Grandma strikes again...

I pray for the children of these parents

"Explicit slang your child may be using"

IS fanboys. Not so much with geography or the Arabic language

Well most of us anyway

"Face company" donations for Likes and Shares

Mother of the year

Woke up to this thing of beauty on my facebook this morning

Please don't

Talking about her dog - I think I would have worded that better

I work with this guy.

Kill it with fire!!

He's only been dead for 19 years...

That's very helpful.

I think I might be the only person in my entire neighborhood to get a

High school grads make me feel better about myself, daily.

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Don't believe I've ever seen recycle spelled like that...

How very helpful.

He's not dead. He's just meditating.

Such a grammar nazi

Somebody doesn't understand how bike locks work

Illuminati at the playstation headquarters

Well I guess he found something to do...

Mum pls

Tracing is a lost artform

Just goes to show you should never harmlessly prank anyone

The end is nigh!

Kanye is always shining the light on unknown artists...

They have known each other 3 weeks. Announcing this, she wanted drama.

Because that's how high school works

Ebola morphed into measles

Facebook delivered

Um... I live in *South* Korea...

Tylenol is a cure all!

Never Give Up

These two things are not fucking equal

Hard-hitting reporting from WJW Fox 8 in Cleveland

This bullshit that a friend shared on FB.

I guess they didn't realize that anyone reads the newspaper anymore...

Found this on Steam. "I am in a state of my own mind"

Here we go again... "Global Warming Biggest Science Scandal Ever"

Is this still happening? Muslimism?

Spongebob movie has shout outs to Satan from illuminatis!

Bad reviews for Animal Farm

They know too much.

Yik yak shenanigans

Chances of finding something ridiculous in the "new" category of /r/as

SO awkward.

cmon...we get enough of this shit on facebook already

Apparently math is hard for the military.

I love my MIL but seriously.

When you order two cakes with "Happy birthday on both"

Coke in disguise..

Unhealthy for Them

I can see why you and 'angle' are friends

One of my friends in the Army is asian. This is what his ERB says.

Found on my Facebook feed... I don't even know...

Please turn all phones off before take-off

Really? People thought cashing paychecks like this was OK?

How do people still not realize what The Onion is?

Google. xpost /r/funnys

this guy I'm done lol

thanks obama!

First world problems

Facebook literally unfriends people

Damn those scientific "claims"

Sucks be landlocked and not getting to see the sunrise. Guess I'll jus

Not even joking a little...

Vaccines make you the carrier of the disease! (sorry, did not edit so

That's a toe ring alright!

Keep your vaccinated child at home

"Locking Freedom"

All cavemen go to heaven

"i vaccinate every other child i have that way i'm safe"

Dont insult women

Succesful tattoo (X-post from /r/badtattoos)

It's written right there!

It rolled into position

What on earth are you trying to tell me, Indian Consulate?

This is the same guy commenting on his own status. What exactly is he

I don't even have a good title for this...

That's an interesting parallel you make there... A dirty home really i

I was going through some past correspondence between my company and ou

Some of the shit, and I use that in the most literal sense possible, t

Seriously, these people think they're so smart. Anyone with a rudiment

Teenage white rapper is a nice guy.

You're right girl, totally similar tasks.

As a professional musician that hires others, this assures that I won'

His dime store philosopher act is even worse in person.

Not quite sure if this is going to do anything for anyone...

I sometimes wonder how people get things like this wrong..

Or... Or... Or maybe she was just performing... (This is almost a dail

i love u richeal

Just find another guy with the same name.

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