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It's shit like this...

This thread triggered my 'asparagus' syndrome

She might be insecure about it.

His daughter is sick, AND, pregnant with collage?

This page has a "terms of service"

So..not very fast at all?

Please take him serious you guys

Lol - this is freaking gold

He shares stuff like this every day...

So apparently my father-in-law doesn't know how to share a video

Apparently Hilary Duff had a weed addiction.

Not racist

While looking up the conversation between @Anonymous and @KuKluxKlanUS

Everything's bigger in Texas

November, Idaho Panhandle. It's cold. GLOBAL WARMING LOLOLOL AMIRITE?

Because fighting Russia is this simple

Reasonable grounds to unfriend I feel.

No, he's not 12. He's a 20 year old man.

I've never met someone more into themselves.

So my cousin started her diet today...

I need an explanation.

TIL people still play Gaia Online?

I am a nerd.

She thinks it's not fair they can't go on a trip they didn't pay for.

Someone failed maths...

A friend mine got this text the other day.

Wouldn't want to ruin their "ammune" systems.

I guess so?!

I changed my mind...

STD's are now spread through visual contact.

I mean whatever works.

Clearly necrophilia is frowned upon, welp.

Girls who call ova girls...

Royal Family obsessed girl upset that people talk about over "things t

...so give me your money and buy this pyramid scheme product

This is the second go at it.

Dad's second favourite ride...

This guy has a bright future

So you're telling me all I have to do is give my sexual partner 1/5 of

Just tasteless

Why not just ban everything that we don't like?

God creates mermaids

You minors well

I'm not sure.... Gold?

Pretty sure that's not how this works....

Tumblr user judges a book by its cover. Gets told by another user.

Sweet license plate bro!

Don't you pull your GOD shit one me, illegals are cockroaches and I'm

"This generation doesn't get it"

Too Much Class From, "The Rodfather" (OC)

Please take him seriously you guys...

Birth of a feminist.

National Cathedral Holds Muslim Prayer - Local Suggests its now Soiled

What do they think reddit is? I just..I dont know

Clearly fake and made up

I am 100% against bullying


Herbs are not chemicals

President Ebola

I don't even think there is anyone else in the room

The ignorance of a rich blonde teenage girl..

No just no.

Tattoo artist is gonna need a red pen...

thats australia

One of those stupid Buzzfeed type websites used a famous eating disord

This just happened -- Person sees a semi rolled over the freeway, does

Tornadoes are Magic

Star Wars twitter account exchange between a confused fan in regards t

Some people...

Literally sat here for a few minutes thinking I was actually locked ou

"I don't wanna be harsh"

Beyonce is a member of the Illuminati

The ignorance surrounding Ebola scares me more than the disease itself

The New England Patriots' 1 millionth Twitter subscriber...

I don't think that word means what you think it means..

Whats a amoeba!

Then please continue to be passive aggressive on Facebook

Basically retreated :(

"Kills cancer"... This annoys me.

They're both 17, in high school, and do this shit all the time

I love eatin pussy from the back

3,000 Tarantulas

How can you make satire any more blatant?

Hope it's not English homework they're helping with!!!

Apparently they deliver those now?

Having a bad day...

didnt get a lot of love from /r/texts for this, thought y'all might li


"so do you like eat dirt or something"

Wording is important

Found this gem on Facebook

Sometimes voice translators don't work.

Drinking milk literally gives you cancer

"Do not prop open"

What year is it??

Discussion from the misinformed voters of America

If ever you are burdened with relationship problems, inform the social

This teen mom's priorities

She's been sleeping with who?! (story in comments)

I wonder what else is hidden up there...

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