I nominate you to take part in the american sign language ice bucket c

Jaden Smith

The "I bought all the pies to spite a kid" story from Reddit has now t

baby lemons, eh?



1000 soldiers die to stop us becoming Russian slaves.....

It only took 17 years to work out how to read 3 letters backwards.

Why are these people famous?!

Asshole of the day. His comments just kept getting worse

We don't need the $1 bill, they kill trees!

Makes complete sense.

That's not exactly "right". Like, at all right.

He didn't die...


Snooki posted this on Facebook yesterday

Large Grasshopper

I count four

Scumbag Apple

You're Welcome :D

Sheesh.... and I thought I was bad at math.

So why didn't she try and stop anything?

Youtube commenter tries to defend pedophiles and brings up religion fo

Nah not really...

Found one of my old high school t-shirts while cleaning out my storage

I don't see what is hilarious about this....

How do things like this even happen?


Good luck I guess?

Successfully managed to cock block myself

Shared on my facebook timeline

Celebrity Death is too mainstream, apparently.

If you were invisible...

It's ok if you catch him cheating

I don't know why, but this really gets me sometimes

This is about what I expect to see heading to Walmart in Kentucky.

The voice of wisdom.

Whoa there buddy

So a kid in my school added a confederate flag to his pickup truck and

So "curvy" girls are full of cream and all you guys want it! This girl


I hate pages like this. 140,00 followers getting $1000 dollars each eq

They're 16

A 14 year old boy lived for 4 days in my town's (Corsicana Texas) Walm


"I told the manager I wanted a refund and would not eat a "Gay Pride"

Wait, that's a shooting star? I thought it was something else...


My girlfriend's brother's Facebook posts sometimes remind me of Jaden

She apparently thinks that Robin Williams is Tom Hanks...

Do they have a purge every year in USA ??

The monkeys just gave up

Happy birthday, Jose Feliciano! Or should I say... Merry Christmas?

Christian Physics

Um... anyone able to translate this? No? Okay.

A-Level Results day in the UK: Woosh

"Not sure what to think..."

A-Levels Results Day in the UK: Woosh

Someone's xbox live bio (yes,he put her full name)

Anon goes full retard

I must get this GREAT deal.

Drinking satanic drinks

No it wasn't

Well that's awkward...

I wouldn't come back if I was you


This wall is supposed to be preverved in a French children's museum to

Yup. That is the definition of "unexpected."

A true wonder of nature

The Difference Between One Book vs Many Books.

Racist is a made up word designed to shut you up

Chinese people call it "gullible people on Facebook".

Thats not how file sharing works hun.

I hate these people

Public Service Announcement for all new mothers

This girl didn't overreact, whoever parked behind her knew exactly wha

Too many FB friends

This is honestly really sad.

Very Dark Raspberries

I think this person completely missed the point of that photo...

A girl I know posted this on twitter...

"I hate people who do that thing I am doing right now."

"Does that mean there are only 49 states?

Yeah...it's a good thing you're not Facebook friends or anything.

Apparently make up changes bone structure.

This guy...

"Chef Hats..."

Hamster juice....

"I'll just stick to fucking random sluts in the butt"

Yes, Walmart, that's exactly what paper towels are for.

Flaming young? Never had it.

"Only used by me and my sister"...well fuck.

This racist forgot to change troll accounts before laughing at his own

Why would you knowingly use this as a profile picture?

Just found this sub, couldn't help but not share this gem from 2 futur

Just why?

"i know my economics"

I mean, it might but it won't solve your problem.

Come on Zuckerberg...