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Wanted to look up a Spanish word at work... I guess I don't no learnin

I wish I could give gold on FB

Didn't too well in r/cringepics.

real 100

"I see yu in.the streets teyin me"

Decline to a 5-year high school reunion

probably should have thought that through

Forgetting a single word can change everything.

People in Texas...

Ebola is a Political Scam

Got ebola? Just fight it with vitamin C and some essential oils. Becau

Actual pilot vs. chemtrail conspiracist

This guy saw saw ISIS in the US...

Apparently, the US is going to be under martial law today.

Attics have a rough life.


I'm not really sure that's how that works...

I was having a discussion on Facebook when someone dropped this outsta

She's a teacher...

"A Nevada state has married his partner" this is from a nationally pub

Wtf is ebola?

Came across this on my "news feed"

Saw this picture on my feed today

Should I tell them? (salad shakers in the U.S. Congress Cafeteria)

Halloween's facepalm

There's way to many people believing this.

The rich diversity of life...

Yelp Reviewer ruins Amsterdam for everyone


4000 troops to go to West Africa to help with Ebola....

News problems...

Kids, this meme was so super funny for like a week back in 2014...

4000 troops to go to West Africa to help with Ebola....

She's a teacher.

Then go to a religious school!

News problems...

Im so stupid

All I did was try to explain app permissions to him.

not sure what's worse, the guy's assertion or the number of people lik

Some facebook gold.

Sound advice, green is a middle aged country boy.

Sick sick sick.

Should I tell him or...?

Bush's Katrina < Obama's Ebola..

Unbelievable stupidity

I sincerely apologize for being unintentionally(?) racist [Fixed]

Someone must not know the meaning of the word Challenge

The most impartial wheel.

So sorry if people suffering and dying is affecting your fourth holida

I just can't with the world anymore

But.. Isn't that what anchors do?

Some people are taking the ebola scare better than others.

October 31st on Friday the 13th. What?

Don't get mammograms. Just smoke weed.

My little college scholar of a brother has the insider on ebola

I have an EXTREM fear of zombies!

This hurts my brain...

Just saw this gem on Facebook

"just imagine the tension between the Jews and the Nazis"

Never regret dropping out

I have an EXTREM fear of zombies!

Rapper Ludacris Cyber-Bullying

At lest russia dosnt train terorists

I'm against sexual assault, so I must be an "un-American libtard."

Oh, ok.

John the philosophiser.

So this is circulating around.

"just imagine the tension between the Jews and the Nazis"

John's computer is unhackable

"It ain't gonna suck itself" makes for one classy tattoo!

What day is Halloween on again?

Why do I read the comments?

I guess his mother did not have a big butt.

Very intellegent

Making the rounds on Facebook. Why would you want to support breast ca

I don't even know where to begin

It's been in Dallas a month, and he blames a 3rd world country for alw

Always remember punctuation, people!

The stupidity this is on Facebook boggles my mind

Nothing about this is accurate

newfangled gadgets...

Seven people liked this. Seven. (repost to comply with privacy standar

An ignorant post on a Private Christian Universtiy FB confession page?

Birthday Bitching

What the...What?

It's all coming together...

I didn't think any of my facebook friends were facepalm worthy, I gues

It's flu season - so it begins.

Weapons grade ebola

I can't tell if they're serious anymore

That escalated quickly

Look it's a... KupKaKe...

Apparently Halloween isn't on the 31st anymore

What is the world coming to?

How does it work?

Free gun with your ice cream!

Wake up People!

Vacation Time Bitches

I have a feeling he hasn't really researched the topic.

Another fun day of work!

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